Calling all Cover Models: The Search for March's Cover Model!

Wow! Time flies. It was already time to select a new cover model for Classic Glamour W/Style Magz. This time all finalists pulled out all stops to win the coveted cover girl spot. They were not messing around this month, and it was difficult as usual to pick the best model to represent the month of March. This month the selected outfit was from Anrol Anthony's Centerfold collection. The design can be worn two ways,as a gorgeous gown or spicy lingerie, and each contestant had to style each element. First up was lingerie style, and the lovely ladies each put their own unique taste into their interpretation of the design. Some went traditional, and some went sexy, and one went...unique! Either way it was awesome to see the individual creativity that went into their styling of sexy lingerie.

That was the naughty, but nice, portion of tonight's event, but the models were challenged once again to make the gown option equally intriguing and creative. The lovely models glided down the runway in their vision of Anrol's creation. Each lovely lady was the epitome of elegance, and it was difficult to choose one standout. lucky model was a step ahead of her peers and won the the title of March cover girl. Congratulations to SD Damiano! Her superb styling and immaculate runway walk clinched the title and she walked away with her own cover to a well read publication. Congrats to all the top ten finalists as well! It's difficult to stand out amongst a sea of beauty, but they all did! Congrats again SD!