Special New Year's Eve Styling Event

Tonight's styling event was a special event because one) the world didn't end, and two) the top three won 1000Ls! Congratulations to Phil, Caralyne, and Ania for their bubbly take on New Year's Eve! 

Was a tough competition though. Take a look at all the participants. Seems like New Year's Eve is in the air!

Classic with Style hosts Styling events every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5pm slt. For more details and the theme schedule, you'll find a ton of info on the CWS home blog. Click here.

See you next year! 


A Final Treat from the University of Classic with Style!

Today University of Classic with Style's executive trainer Lisana Rossen put on a stylish and chic show. Designed as a final exam for advanced students Adrianna and Lizzy, other UCWS trainers and CWS models took to the runway as well!

You did a gorgeous job Adrianna and Lizzy! 



As mentioned before, a select group of cws models and trainers joined Adrianna and Lizzy for their final! 
Executive Trainer Vicky


Supermodel Sideny


Trainer Nina 


Supermodel  Erin 

Executive Trainer Janet 


New Model LiL2imp


Supermodel Erin 

Supermodel Ania

Supermodel Ania

Executive Trainer Lisana Rossen
For more information regarding Classic with Style's uni, check out their blog here. Classes range from beginners to Advanced. This fun challenge was part of the Advanced courses. Kudos to Lisana for coming up with a fun and challenging final!


Congratulations to Classic with Style's Ms World 2012 Winners

A sincere congratulations to the ladies who participated in this timely event. It really was a beautiful event. 

Crown Winner 
Sunrae Suntzu - winner of 100,000L 

First Place 
Kiralyn Destiny - winner of 50,000L

Second Place
Ania Lennie - winner of 25,000L and Ms. Photogenic 5000L 

Third Place 
Lilmama Artis - winner of 10,000L 

Fourth Place 
Adrianna Applewhyte - winner of 5000L 

Fifth Place 
Katrinova- winner of 5000L and Most Creative Gown 5000L







November UCWS Graduation 2012!

It's almost time to ring in the new year! Provided the world doesn't end in December, but hey let's not be dreary, let's be happy! I know the UCWS November class is happy. They graduated December 2, 2012 in front of their friends, families, and loved ones from the University of Classic with Style. 

Congratulations Timberlynn, Summitt, LiL2imp, FarahVesta, Frayar, and Agee! 

This month's valedictorian and best blogger must have been a difficult choice for CEO Anrol Anthony's not easy! Each student worked hard, so each and every one of them should feel proud that they survived the intensive three week course. However, tradition stands!

Congratulations to this month's best blogger Frayar! Click her name to check out her blog. 

Congratulations to this month's valedictorian LiL2imp! 

Ladies you rock, so keep rocking the runway! 


Ms. Beautiful Finale!

Tonight Classic with Style crowned their 2012 Ms. Beautiful. 200,000 Lindens was given away tonight, and the lucky crown winner won a whopping 100,000 Lindens! I had a massive real life assignment that was due today, so I wasn't able to attend tonight's festivities, but Classic with Style's photographer Janet Brink captured some gorgeous shots.

If you love the look of her work, please see her rates page.

Congratulations to Ladysunfire Erin! She is now Ms. Beautiful 2012! 

From left to right: Chevia, Erin, Sunrae

 I'd also like to extend another congrats to all the finalists. Going by the pictures, you all looked sensational. For more information regarding tonight's pageant and Classic with Style, check out their blog


Class of October 2012 ends with a bang!

Congratulations to the University of Classic with Style's October 2012 graduates! This month's graduation started off with a bang as Tiffani Celestalis led the lovely ladies in a surprise dance. Wearing the daring Gaga ensemble from Anrol Anthony's Collection, they put on quite the show!

Next came their walk down the runway. These girls are good! They barely broke a sweat during their dance and walked the runway with poise and confidence.
This year's valedictorian demonstrated that this award truly is an academic achievement. Caralyne had stellar grades, a killer blog, and she participated in many of Classic With Style's nightly styling events. Congratulations to you Caralyne! Keep rocking that runway!   
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CWS welcomes the newest ladies into their virtual family! Each of them deserves to feel proud. It's not easy to graduate because it is an intensive 3 weeks, but they all met the challenge!