Round 3 of CWS Dancing with the Stars!

Taking elements from popular reality series, Classic with Style offers a new contest for members. Round 3 shows the lovely ladies in full blown burlesque style. The final three contestants, Flora Stipe, Ladysunfire, and Lopez dance with their designated trainers to the sounds of Christina Aguilera. Yours truly was paired with Flora, and if I do say so myself, our avatars are very smexy! The results will be posted after the new year, so until then vote, vote, vote for your favorite contestants!

Psst vote for number 1 ;)

Happy holidays! :D


Classic With Style Christmas Party 2011

Merry Christmas CWS models, UCWS Students, CEO's, COO, and trainers! Hope your holidays have many blessings! Love to all! 


First Round of CWS Dancing With SL Stars!

What a fun night! Taking a cue from famous shows such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, Classic with Style created a contest in order to let Second Life residents show off their dancing skills. Tonight was the crucial audition process. The top five contestants' dances will be video taped and shown on Classic with Style's YouTube Video site. After that it is up to the viewers! Vote on your favorite dancer until the results are announced on mid November.  The top 2 dancing stars will take away some amazing prizes!

1st Place:
~20,000 Linden From Classic W/ Style
~10,000 Linden  Jerri Cheri Production's
~~3000 Voucher Merchandise from our selected Sponsors~~
~~~Bliss Couture~ owner by Amutey DeCuir
~~~SF Designs~ owner by Swaffette Firefly
~~~JayGee Designs~ owner JayGee2 Vollmar
~~~BehaviorBody animations~ Antosperandeo Allen
~~~House of Europe ~Owner  Didier Rascon
~~~Oceane Body Design~Oceane Grumiaux
~~~VELVETRYTHMS~ Owner Velvetori Twine
2nd Place:
~10,000 Linden  Jerri Cheri Production's
~~1500  Voucher Merchandise from our selected Sponsors~~
~~~Bliss Couture~ owner by  Amutey DeCuir
~~~SF Designs~ owner by Swaffette Firefly
~~~JayGee Designs~ owner JayGee2 Vollmar
~~~BehaviorBody animations~ Antosperandeo Allen
~~~House of Europe ~Owner  Didier Rascon
~~~Oceane Body Design~Oceane Grumiaux
~~~VELVETRYTHMS~ Owner Velvetori Twine
Watch this blog and Classic with Style's blog in order to get the link for your favorite dancer. CWS is filming the amazing talent now...as I write!

Classic With Style's Styling Fashion Show November 2011

This month's styling fashion show was exceptionally ghouly and ghostly due to October's Halloween themed stylings. Ooh don't be scared! Take a look and see how sexy scary can actually be! Congratualtions to this month's month most creative winner, Ms. Sidney Abbot! Traditionally, CWS also awards the most hardworking model of the month with the Prestigious Model Award, and this month's recipient Asterianna is a force to be reckon with within the CWS community. She is not only a role model for the new models, but she is also a friend and favorite person to all. Last but not least, Latouri won a 7000L scholarship to attend the University of Classic with Style. She has made an excellent start in her studies by participating regularly in the styling events, so expect good things from her! Congrats to you all! Hope you all had a happy halloween!


November Cover Girl Contest

It's always a thrill to see oneself on a cover of a magazine! Tonight was Ladysunfire's night! She wowed the judges (yeppers I was one too), with her amazing and creative styling abilities. It is always a close race, but Ladysunfire was the frontrunner (at least in my scorecard), so I was particularly pleased that the other judges, Tiffani and Steve101, agreed. Congratulations to Ladysunfire!


Ms. International 2011 Pageant Finale

Tonight marked the culmination of five hard working finalists as they battled for the crown Ms. International 2011. I'm glad I didn't judge this one! I wouldn't want to be held responsible for giving away Ms. International 2010 Nina Brianna's crown. Elegant as always and a true token of fabulous style and grace, Nina walked the runway one last time as the former Ms. International.

Her stilettos will be hard shoes to fill most definitely. Hopefully this year's winner will be up to the task, or at the very least fake it until she makes it. Who is the winner? I"m not telling you yet! Take a look at shots of Classic With Style's Ms. International 2011 and you be the judge!

Who represented who?
In order of placement...
5th place finalist Sidney Abbot Ms. France 2011
4th place finalist Diana Balhous Ms. Spain 2011
3rd place finalist Kiralyn Destiny Ms. Peru 2011
2nd place finalist Sunrae Suntzu Ms. Mexico
1st place finalist Nickle Sparrowtree Ms. USA

The first portion of the pageant included swimwear that depicted each of the finalist's chosen country. The lovely finalists must have done some serious working out in their appearance because beautiful bodies were out in full force tonight.

After the ladies dazzled the judges with their sultry curves and sassy poses, the CWS Executive Trainers hit the runway as the intermission act. No they aren't white from nerves backstage! In honor of the international theme, the trainers performed a tribute to the Day of the Dead or All Soul's Day in remembrance of all those we have loved and lost in the world.

Now on to the next portion of the pageant! The finalists had to show their own talent. The theme was war it seems so the talents were definitely unique. However, unique in Second Life means awesome! 

In order to give the judges time to tally their scores, the CWS Executive Trainers took to the runway for intermission. It's almost Halloween...yipppeeee!...so crawling, drooling,, stumbling, and er...bleeding(?) down the runway as zombies, they danced to Micheal Jackson's Thriller! 

At last the time came for the final nail biting answer and question portion. This part has always been the most nerve wracking to me. As per the rules, the top three finalists get their questions in advance, so they do sometimes have an advantage over the poor souls who are forced to think quick and try and answer somewhat coherently. On the other hand, how does one judge whether an answer should or should not receive top scores? Yes judging ain't easy!

Songbird Essence took to the runway with her beautiful voice and sang to the delight of the audience while the judges sweated over calculating their final scores. Once the judges handed over their scores, Classic with Style crowned their new Ms. International 2011....

Congrats to Nickle Sparrowtree 2011 Ms. International. Also congratulations to first runner up Sunrae and second runner up Kiralyn Destiny. Wait there's more....Diana took home the prize for Ms. Photogenic and Sidney won best talent! What a night! To see picks of the winners make sure to visit Classic with Style's blog! Click the title above for a direct link!

See you for the next one. Until then peace :)

October Styling Fashion Show!

The monthly styling event is always a treat. This month Tiffani, a fellow trainer, and I were asked to judge the most creative styling winner from the past month. It wasn't easy! At all. However one stood out with her daring take on Styling Batwoman. She took pieces from many designers out of her inventory to make a look that truly stood out. Congratulations Zariah! Take a look at all the models in their most creative wear!
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Ms. Lopez Fairlady was handed the Prestigious Model trophy for her continued loyalty and hard work within the CWS corporation. One can always count on Lopez for a smile and friendly word. Congratulations Lopez!

Oh and yours truly was also given an award! I won, and it was a total surprise...Anrol and Steve are sneaky ;)Employee of the Month! I adore working at CWS, one really doesn't know the comarderie that exists within its plush prim walls until he or she takes the plunge to get to know everyone. I'm so glad I did. It was the first place I came to and the place I consider home thanks to the many great people that are part of the group.

UCWS September Graduation 2011!

Time for another graduation, and this time Classic with Style CEOs Anrol and Steve and UCWS Executive Trainers had a few tricks up their sleeves. The show went on as usual, and Anrol presented Aphrodite Serin aka Jojo with the honorary Valedictorian trophy and Shyt3mpt Resident with the 1000L prize for best blog. Then the fun began! Dressed as farm animals and dancing to "Old McDonald had a Farm," the trainers performed a dance in honor of CWS new Ms. Congeniality Debbiedoo Tigerfish! Debbie COO of CWS and part of its heart and soul. She loves what she does and she is always there with a kind word and encouragement. She's also quite funny too, if you catch her on a good day...wink wink...;)

Congratulations to CWS New Elite Models: Laci, Jojo, Shyt3mpt, Poppy, and Rain! UCWS also welcomes Ms. Jewel into the program as she was gifted with a UCWS scholarship. Last but not least, congratualtions to Debbie! You are without a doubt one of the most congenial people I have had the priveledge to meet!
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October Cover Girl Search!

Sidney and Ladysunfire

It was a tight race for this month's cover girl contest! Each finalist had to style Anrol Anthony's look of the month in both the mini dress version and the gown version. What a competition! Each finalist brought her own unique style to the ensemble and, as always, it was difficult to choose. Take a look at the last two standing! Congrats to Sidney and Ladysunfire! Only one lovely contestant could take it away...so who shall it be? Drumroll please.....

October Cover Girl Sidney 
Ta-da! Here she is Ms. October Cover girl Sidney! Congratulations Sidney!


Bliss Couture Fashion Show + CWS = WOW

Classic with Style was pleased to present the stunning designs of one of Second Life's most talented designers, Ms. Amutey Decuir. Earlier that day, Amutey released her debut of the new Bliss Couture Fur Collection, and if you missed the show at her flagship store, Classic with Style showcased her new fur collection and amazing gowns as an encore treat.

While many Second Lifers know Bliss Couture as a distinct brand name, they may not know items are transferable as well. If you are looking for the perfect gift, or you want to trade with friends, Bliss Couture is the store to shop at. Always a treat! See you at next show!


CWS Crowns Ms Beautiful 2011!

It was time to crown the most beautiful avatar in Second Life on September 11, 2001. Classic with Style's first pageant has not lost any of its sparkle in the three years that they have been in business. Ten drop dead gorgeous finalists were on hand to vie for the title.

Ms Aisha Ormega, Ms. Beautiful 2010, was unable to make tonight's event to give away her crown, but she was there in spirit, for Anrol Anthony read her note to the finalists. Aisha said: "It gives me great pleasure to be here today to pass on the Crown of Ms Beautiful to Ms Beautiful 2011.  To be here today is a thrill for me as I watch so many grow and become "Simply the Best" they can be."

The judges for the event, Ms Nany Piaggio, owner and designer of Hipnose; Mr Didier Rascon, owner and designer of House of Europe; Ms Brianna Deka, owner of Jerri Cheri Productions and JC Productions; and Ms Zya Savira, former  2008 Ms Beautiful 1st runner up, had a difficult task at hand because all finalists looked particularly lovely this evening.

However, it seems one finalist stood out amongst the rest. A warm congratulations to Ms. Kiralyn Destiny, Classic With/Styles Ms Beautiful 2011!

No beauty pageant would be complete without a talent section and a Ms. Photogenic. The judges awarded Ms. Nickle Sparrowtree, First Runner Up, with a trophy for her creativity in her talent act. 

Beautiful Suzie Marenwolf took home the trophy for her stunning photos by Freddie Mocha. 

Congratulations to all the finalists of this year's Ms Beautiful Pageant! 


Velvet Rhythms Rocks the House

Velvetori Twine designs return to the Classic With Style Runway with her latest collection. Her collection, located in Velvet Rhythms, is designed for the bold man or woman! Featuring vibrant colors and rich textures, her apparel ranges from causal to formal.


Unforgettable Temptations Leaves a Lasting Impression

Designer Trina Stromfield's collection, an eclectic array of cocktail dresses, casual outfits, Gothic wear, and formal gowns, made its debut at Classic with Style's Beach Venue. While a sim crash caused a slight delay, the show went on in full force and entranced the delighted audience. Because of the diverse assortment, Trina's Unforgettable Temptations offers the discerning fashionista a large selection in apparel. You won't leave empty handed because there is so much to choose from!

Anrol Anthony's Collection

Anrol Anthony brought her savvy fashion sense to the runway with her stunning collection of formal wear, bridal gowns, and club wear. Stop by her exclusive shop located in the CWS Fashion District and shop to your heart's content. Don't forget to pick up her free gift today!

Located inworld at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Simply%20The%20Best/197/82/2002

Classic with Style Presents Jay Gee!

Jay Gee's is a brand that brings you unique patterns and daring styles, and Jaygee2 Vollmar's newest additions to her new collection are no exceptions. Filled with beautiful gowns, flirty casual wear, and stunning cocktail dresses, JayGee's provides a look for anyone who loves to dress rich and be fashion forward. Stop by JayGee's satellite store located on the beautiful CWS Fashion District and shop away!

Located inworld at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CWS%20Fashion%20District/94/54/27


CWS Presents House of Europe

This week's show at Classic with Style showcased the stunning fashions of House of Europe. Beautifully detailed gowns and eclectic menswear glided down the runway. House of Europe is one of SL's hottest designers (and the designer Didier Rascon is quite hot himself), so if in need of something unique and brilliant, make sure to visit House of Europe!

August Styling Fashion Show!

It's that time again! My how time flies! Classic with Style celebrated last month's styling event winners creativity with a styling fashion show. CWS holds this monthly event to give kudos to the contestants who placed in the top three during the styling events. Creativity is always abound, and this month was no exception as demons, pajama party revelers, zebras and more (oh my) paraded down the runway.

Congratulations to Ms. Shreeja Langer for taking the trophy for most creative due to her wild, yet oh so stylish, presentation of Styling Demon!


Who's too Sexy?

(1st runner up Vicky, Nickle, 2nd runner up Sunrae)

Looks like one finalist was sexier than the rest!

This past Saturday's pageant was full of daring daring and sultry outfits. Classic with Style was on a quest to find their 2011 Ms. Sexy, and Nickle Sparrowtree won the crown. A warm congratulations to Nickle on her first crown!

(Debbie Jasper: Best Creative Dance Winner)

No pageant would be complete without a Best Creative dance winner or Ms Photogenic! Congratulations to Debbie Jasper for winning the trophy for her sensational dance and to PinkTikiCat Luv for winning the trophy for her breathtaking photos.
(Pinktikicat Luv: Ms. Photogenic)


Anubis in the House

Classic with Style rocked the Blue Runway with the help of Anubis Style's gorgeous collection. Second Life designer Anibus is known for her colorful use of contrasting textures and bold colors. Part of her collection today featured a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen and Elizabeth Taylor. All ensembles were stunning. Make sure to stop by Anubis Style for your next shopping trip!

Classic Glamour with Style Magz August Cover Girl!

Congratulations to SassyLassye Classic Glamour with Style's new August Cover girl! 

UCWS July Graduation Show

While graduations are always special events, July's class graduation show was particularly heartwarming. Classic with Style remembers one of its lost sisters Ms. Celina Langer each graduation by awarding someone who has showed the giving, optimistic, and loving traits she was known for. Ms. Langer was an active model within Classic with Style and loved by many. She died tragically, but her spirit lives on. This month, Ms. Langer's real life sister, Shreeja Langer, came to Classic with Style eager to follow in her sister's footsteps. Debbiedoo Tigerfish, CWS COO, organized a special tribute to the late Celina Langer and Shreeja Langer and a reminder to our group that we are indeed a family, thus welcoming our newest graduates into the mix.

The Classic with Style executive trainers donned Saris in honor of Shreeja and Celina's native India, while Taby and Lisana Rossen gave beautiful tribute speeches.

Congratulations to this year's Celina Langer Award Ms. Flora Stipe.

Most of all a warm congratulations to our July graduates LovelyKitten, Elmo, Reese, Steph, this month's valedictorian (yay!), Janda, Kait, and Shreeja! Take the SL fashion world by storm and know you have a Classic with Style family who is here for you!

Classic with Style in Vogue!

Classic with Style was pleased to present one of Second Life's hottest designers Ms. Zalyn Bailey of VoguE this past Saturday. Always inspirational and cutting edge, Ms. Bailey brings life to her creations. Gowns, casual, and cocktail wear, that every woman would love to have in her inventory, graced the Blue Venue Runway. Be sure to stop by VoguE and pick up the latest in SL fashion!


Beauty and Brains Pageant Finale!

Question: How many tons of jelly beans did the White House buy during Ronald Reagan's presidency?

If you can answer this question in 10 seconds or less, you would have fit in perfectly with the 10 ten finalists in Classic with Style's Annual Beauty and Brain Pageant. It was a marathon pageant that left audience members, and contestants, begging for someone to win as the clocked ticked. All jokes and trivia aside, it was a fun day for all participants and audience members. Who was crowned as the one with beauty and brains...?

Congratulations to Mr. Ajay Xigalia, Classic with Style's new Beauty (hmmmm) and Brain (hmmmm)! Ok he may not be a beauty, but he sure is hot! As for brainy, he beat out first runner up Meimei Shiu and second runner up Kinsey Luv with his ability to answer brain teasing and head scratching questions in record time!

Oh yes, the answer to the above question: 12 tons.

Now everyone knows that! See you at next year's Beauty and Brain Finale!


CWS showcases Belladonna Fashion Collection!

Classic with Style rocked the fashion of Belladonna July 16, 2011. For those who made the show, you know that Bree Flanagan of creator of Belladonna Fashions is well known for her beautiful formal wear and she revealed her stunning new collection "Stained Glass Series!" Featuring the vibrant colors of a stained glass windows, the new gown collection is living art. Also included in the show were her "Summer Breeze Series!" For a new look head on over to Belladonna!

Classic with Style Presents Manba!

Classic with Style was pleased to present the fabulous fashions of Mew Denimore's Manba! Along with her Manba Collection, Ms. Denimore replaces her old design brand with the fun and funky .Mood. If you are looking for charismatic and unique clothing be sure to stop by Ms. Denimore's convenient satellite store located within the Classic with Style Fashion District!


University of Classic w/Style June Graduation Show!

The end of the month always brings a heartwarming graduation show for UCWS's model students. UCWS is a three week intensive course in modeling, styling, and blogging. Teamwork among the students is encouraged and this month did not disappoint as 14 model students took to the runway as new friends and co-workers. Two of the lovely students were amazing in their dedication to the modeling craft and were always hands on to help and encourage their fellow students. Congratulations to class valedictorians Akasha and SheilaRose ! Let's hear it for the class of JUNE! Congratulations to our graduates!

Classic with Style Presents Sascha's Design!

Classic W/Style was proud to present Ms. Sascha Frangill owner of Sascha's Design at their last fashion show! It was THE fashion show to be at! With her breathtaking styles and versatility, Sascha remains one of Second Life's hottest designers!

July Cover Model Search!

Congratulations to Ms. Kinsey Luv! She will grace the cover of the July Classic Glamour W/Style! To see the ten finalists' entries click the link in the title above! See you next month!


Ms. Sophisticated 2011!

Tonight marked the culmination of many weeks of practice and lack of sleep as the top finalists took the runway to vie for Classic Ms. Sophisticate 2011. The lovely contestants had three themes to come up with in order to dazzle the judges. First they showed off their interpretation of 60's swimwear. Next came talent...a futuristic talent! This was the best talent I have seen so far because each finalist went all out. Space ships, cyborgs, hover boards, and laser guns were only part of the attraction. It was hard to pick the most creative because each was worthy of that prize, but in the end Meimei Shiu won the trophy for most creative for her fantastic futuristic theme!

Last but not least the nail biting Q&A portion came up in which each finalist had to show off her creative gown with hat and answer an emotional charged, and sometimes controversial, question. Who was the lovely lady who outperformed the rest? Congratulations to the stunning Vicky Yongbo Classic with Style's brand new Ms. Sophisticated 2011!!


Nil's Fashion Show at CWS Blue Venue!

Classic with Style was honored to present the fun and flirty fashions of Nils Tomorrow. Well known for her adorable mini dresses and mini skirts, Nil's Designs were a vibrant mix of colorful fashions for hot summer months.


Classic with Style Monthly Fashion Show Fun!

Once again Classic with Style had a fun filled styling fashion show for all the previous month's styling event top three winners. Second Life photographer extraordinaire October Bettencourt was on hand to judge the contestant's creative styling. Buterfly Resident won the trophy for most creative outfit for the second month in a row! Congratulations Buterfly! In addition, Anrol Anthony and her husband Steve101 honored Sidney Abbott with the Prestigious Model award for her outstanding work. As a surprise, October was awarded prestigious photographer for her amazing photos. Want to take a look? Check out her Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/people/octoberstudios/. More fun will be had next month, so come on down and enter one of the styling events held Monday through Friday at Classic with Style!


Classic with Style Presents Hipnose!

Classic with Style has been a innovative force within Second Life since 2008, and the their newly designed Blue Venue set the tone for the elegant fashions of Hipnose. Featuring men's and women's casual and formal wear, the CWS Simply D'Best Models rocked the runway with Nany Piaggio's latest collection.


Ms. Hollywood Walk of Fame 2011 Pageant!

Winner of 100,000 Lindens and the title of Ms. Hollywood Walk of Fame 2011 was none other than Ms. Sunrae Suntzu! This is Sunrae's first pageant win and she dazzled the judges with her creative talent and wow factor styling. The creative tasks were to represent a famous movie star, show off a hot California swimsuit body, and entertain in true Hollywood style. Sunrae did a unique talent featuring a magic show. I had never seen anything like it so far in pageants and was pleasantly surprised. The judges must have loved it too! This year's pageant was full of fun and plenty of red carpet style. Congrats to Sunrae! Don't forget to get her autograph!
Sunrae Suntzu

Nickle, Sunrae, Meimei, and Vicky

An additional congratulations to 1st Runner Up Nickle Sparrowtree winner of 50,000L and 2nd Runner Up Meimei Shiu winner of 25,000L! Along with amazing linden prizes, judges awarded two of the lovely finalists additional accolades. Congratulations to Ms. Photogenic Meimei Shiu!
Meimei Shiu

Her photos by Zachary Zufreur were amazing! If you want to check out some stunning photos check out Mr. Zufreur's Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/people/zacharyzufreur/. Vicky Yungbo won the trophy for Most Creative Outfit. Had to be her elegant ball gown and her adorable Ms. Piggy talent.
Vicky Yungbo

Congratulations to all the contestants! See you all at the next pageant. Keep rocking the runway!

Search for June Classic w/Glamor Magz Cover Model!

Beautiful Buterfly will grace the Classic w/Glamor's Magz June Edition! Ten lovely finalists were chosen to represent this month's cover model, and Buterfly clinched the cover with her exquisite and unique styling. She was truly cover worthy. Congratulations Buterfly!  

Classic with Style Sets the Blue Venue on Fire with Carrie's Lingerie!

Classic with Style went Victoria's Secret Style on their new Blue Venue Runway! Featuring the talented work of Ms. Carrie Bridger, the Simply D'Best Models added a variety of wings to their last outfits to add some spice and real life fashion to their show. Carrie's Lingerie is one of the hottest places in Second Life to pick up stunning and sexy lingerie for any occasion.


Classic with Style presents SF Design!

Classic with Style's Simply D' Best Models were proud to present SF Design! Beautiful women and devastatingly handsome men strode the runway in "simply the best" style. Saturday's fashion show was a stunning mixture of men's and women's casual, formal, and bridal wear. It seems SF Design's is the place to go when one has multiple fashion needs!


Classic with Style Crowns 2011 CWS Hot Beach Body!

(Ms. Ntaly Anton)
Classic with Style crowned a new Ms. CWS Hot Beach Bod this past Sunday. The CWS Hot Beach Pageant was an array of vibrant colors, fragrant flowers, daring swimwear, and hot hawaiian dancing. Didier Rascon took one last walk on the runway before he gave the title to the next lucky finalist. I wish I would have thought to take a picture, but my mind goes haywire whenever Mr. Rascon is around. OOH. Ok back on track.

The lucky finalist that won the title was none other than Ms. Ntaly Anton! I had to leave before the finalists were announced so I tried my best to make it back there so I could get a few words with Ms. CWS Hot Beach Body 2011. Beaming with joy, Ntaly looked stunning in her creative Hawaiian themed gown and her crown sparkled in the remaining sunlight. This was the first pageant Ntaly entered and she won what she set her heart on almost one year ago! Congratulations Ntaly! She rocked it out!

Ms. AEON Cristole won the trophy for most creative outfit. She looked like the Hawaiian ocean in her spectacular gown, so congratulations to her as well!

(Ms. AEON Cristole Most Creative)

Last but not least, no pageant would be complete without a Ms. Photogenic, and the lovely Ms. Sunrae Suntzu took away the prize! Congrats to Sunrae!

(Ms. Sunrae Suntzu Most Photogenic)
It was a beautiful pageant, and in my eyes marked the beginning of summer in Second Life, so grab your suntan lotion and hit the beaches to get your body hot and ready for next year's CWS Hot Beach Body Pageant!

Danielle's Fashion Show!

Classic with Style was pleased to showcase the stunning fashions of Danielle. This week's show was at the beach and the perfect venue to show Dani's latest collection. Long ball gowns, short casual ensembles, and lingerie were only part of the show. Always have to love a designer that incorporates a versatile collection for different tastes, and Danielle's shop is definitely for the girl who loves to have choices!


Special Mother's Day Styling Event!

Tonight Classic with Style had a mother's day celebration! Each year CWS has a special styling event in which contestants walk the runway as normal, but their description must be about either being a mother or what they felt a mother is like. Debbiedoo Tigerfish won the "Best Mother of the Year" with her description of what she felt a mother should be and awesome poses to boot. Here is what Debbie had to say.

Debbie says:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to tonight's event mum of the year.
Now I could tell you about how being a mum is the most lovely job you could ever wish for, and indeed I could also talk about my own mum and the influence she has had on me. However I decided that I would talk about someone who is a mother to us all in CWS :) Anrol is more to me than the owner of CWS and the lady who makes our dreams come true. She is like a mum to all of us. She guides us and has little words when things are maybe not going great. She will say kind things always at the right time, and she knows just how we all feel. She is also always worrying about us and caring for us at all times. For all these reasons and a hundred more besides, I think our mum of the year is Anrol.

So what am I wearing tonight
hair is Aston Onyx by HOB
My gorgeous gown is Bahar Vega Rosemary and is made of the most delicate spring petals and is an absolute delight
Jewlery Coco diamonds by Dani of Danielle
Shoes Henybears classic spike salmon
 Skin LAQ Martina
Shape by yours truly myself
Thank you Laylah and Taby and Anrol for judging tonight and to Steve for announcing and for the lovely audience who are here today
But most of all ty Anrol for everything

Well done to Debbie and other congrats are in order for all the mothers who participated to our event tonight: Debbiedoo Tigerfish, Buterfly Resident, SheliaRose Aiten,  Kaitlyn5221 Resident, and AngleCatCatronis Silvercloud

Happy mother's day!

Classic with Style's Sage Fashion Show!

Lag was considerable hefty and took its toll on many of the audience members and models at Sage's fashion show, but what can we say..sometimes SL doesn't cooperate ;) In spite of the rezz issues, those that could see the stunning fashions of Sage Pexie would dazzled by her incorporation of pearls, sculpted flowers, and unique textures in her latest collection. Sage has a wide range of both casual and formal wear, so when you venture into her store, you will find the perfect outfit for whatever event you have coming up. See you next week! Cross fingers lag doesn't come...well that never works, but regardless Classic with Style will be sure to rock the runway!


Classic with Style May Styling Fashion Show

Classic with Style hosts weekday judged styling contests in which first, second, and third Place winners receive prize Lindens. All events are themed, and each contestant won based on his or her representation of each theme. This month Buterfly Resident won the Best Creative Outfit trophy, while Flora Stipe took home the coveted Prestigious model award. Judge Bree Flanagan,designer and owner of BellaDonna clothing, had the hard task of judging all the amazing contestants, and as a reward for her hard work as a judge and SL fashion designer, she took home Classic with Style's Best Designer trophy. It was a fabulous show!


VictoriaV Fashion Rocks the Runway!

Stunning craftsmanship and exquisite details graced the runway at this past Saturday's show. VictoriaV has high quality fashion for the elegant women, and the Classic with Style Models were alluring, as always, as they stomped the runway in VictoriaV Matiel's latest collection. See you at the next show!


May Cover Model!

The month of May calls for spring time! When it came time to pick the cover girl for May, the judges looked for the darling swan hat of Anrol Anthony's new design. Because birds fly back in the warm weather..well maybe that is not why the judges picked Ms. Lua Vendetta to be the Classic with Glamour magazine cover girl. Lua looked beautiful in her combo of green and light blond hair and dazzled the judges with her swan pond and hand held swan at the end of her walk. She looked like spring time! Take a look at the magazine while in world, and I think readers will agree! Check out the link under the title to see all the lovely ladies who won the chance to show off the outfit on the runway. Congratulations to all the ten finalists and a hearty applause for May cover girl Lua Vendetta!


April UCWS Graduation

Congratulations to Kinsey, Buterfly, Ari, Lusia, and Yuki for your graduation from UCWS. It was a wonderful show, and I wish to give an additional congratulations for this month's valedictorian Ms. Buterfly Resident! Ok new CWS models, let's rock the runway!


Presenting Ms. Elegance 2011 Meimei Shiu!

Ms. Meimei Shiu Elegance 2011 Winner

What does elegance stand for? For this event Meimei Shiu won the hearts of the judges, so in this case elegance stands for Ms. Meimei Shiu! Congratulations to the lovely lady for winning the very first pageant she has ever entered! I had to miss most of it due to real life, but I watched as the winners were announced. Such anticipation fills the room! Even the audience members are nervous, while waiting for the results! The fireworks lit up Meimei's name and the crowd roared with approval!

Meimei says, "I really could not find any word to express my emotions when I saw my name showing on the fireworks that announced the winner. I got my first Crown as Ms Elegance 2011. I am still overwhelmed and cannot believe it."

Congratulation to all Finalist in Ms Elegance Pageant with a special shout out to PinkTikiCAt Luv- Ms Elegance 1st runner up and Nickle Sparrowtree: Ms Elegance 2nd runner up!

Congratulations Meimei! Yay!

Alba's Fashion at Classic with Style!

Classic with Style Simply D'Best models rocked the runway showcasing the vibrant styles of Alba. Alba always brings beautifully colored patterns and daring styles to her fashions, and she didn't disappoint with her recent exotic and colorful collection!


Dare 2 Bite Fashion Rocks the Dome!

Classic with Style Simply D'Best Models had a fantastic time showing Bahar Vega's stunning new collection. Bahar Vega, owner of Dare 2 Bite, is one of Second Life's hottest designers and is well known for her use of bold prints, vivid colors, and harmonious design. She takes elements of her Turkish heritage and transforms contemporary silhouette into high fashion.

Fashion shows are always laggy, but the atmosphere did not diminish the models' enthusiasm. They rocked the dome! See you at the next show! Peace.


Classic with Style presents JayGee!

Classic with Style was proud to present the stylish and sexy collections of JayGee! JayGee created a whole new Asian inpired line that was absolutely stunning! The Simply D'Best models put on a fantastic show in spite of the every present lag. Ooh's and Aah's were murmured as each model took to the runway in JayGee's eclectic and fierce designs. Don't miss the next show! See you this coming Saturday! Wear you lag helmets and battle the lag to see the amazing collections from Second Life's hottest designers!


Classic with Style's Monthly Styling Show: Where all the Winners Compete!

Whoa...is it only me, or is did the past month fly by for you as well? That old saying must be true and time flies when Classic with Style honors the past month's styling winners. Maybe the old saying doesn't actually go that way, but you all know what I mean ;)

The lovely Anne Maertens owner of Dulce Secrets was on hand to judge the models and decide who would win most creative outfit. She had a hard task at hand because everyone was the best of the best...but she had to choose one. Nickle Sparrowtree was the winner of most creative outfit. However, I don't know which outfit because Nickle, and quite a few others, had almost back to back wardrobe changes at times! Those quick change folders certainly came in handy tonight!

After a hearty applause, Anrol Anthony, CEO of Classic with Style, handed out the Prestigious Model and designer award. Sweet, and always sexy, Ladysunfire Erin won the Prestigious Model award. She is the epitome of what the award suggests. She is a role model and a positive spirit within CWS, and she accepted the award with a crowd deafening applause and overwhelming congratulations ringing in the background! Last but not least, Anrol gave Anne the well deserved Prestigious Designer trophy. Anne creates stunning skins and makeups, and much much more! Awesome show once again, so see you next month! Peace :)


Classic with Style presents Bree Flanagan's Belladonna!

Classic with Style's Saturday Fashion show presented the fun styles of designer Bree Flanagan, owner of Bella Donna. The show was a hit, as it always is when the Simply D' Best models hit the runway. Bree's designs range from edgy club wear, smashing cocktail dresses, to luxurious haute couture. Visions of sparkles, retro, polka dots, and floral prints were abound as the models stomped the runway. Each outfit was stunning! Thanks to Ms. Bree Flanagan for her kindness! Classic with Style looks forward to the amazing and fashion forward creativity that Bree brings to her collection.


I had the special privilege of getting to know each of these awesome ladies, and I’ve watched them transform from scared students to confident models. Only a select few can say they survived the intensive training and graduated from UCWS in one piece. I do tend to joke, but it truly takes a lot of perseverance to graduate UCWS. I congratulate this graduating class for making it...and making it so stylishly too!

Aislin, I just love to call her first ;), Bella, Chelsee, icatoots, clysa, Uneeque, Nikkie, S3xyt3mptation,Anjali, and Vicky all have worked so hard the past few weeks, and I’m so proud of them all! It is wonderful women like such as these that make my job truly worth it!

A special congratulations to Vicky for her winning Class Valedictorian...not an easy feat with so many worthy candidates, but she was, from what I heard, the mama bear of the group. I want her to be my mama too!

Aislin Jinx took the 1000 L prize for best blog. Take a look at her hard work and dedication to the fine art of blogging at http://aislinjinx.blogspot.com/. Congratulations Jinx!

I look forward to meeting the next group of students this upcoming month! To UCWS recent graduates congratulations again...and cherish it, love it, and never forget this feeling! :)


I was raised Catholic and in honor of Classic with Style's Queen of Mardi Gras 2011, I was so tempted to indulge..or overindulge..but because I was judging, I had to keep a clear head ;)

This was a difficult pageant to judge because all of the contestants looked spectacular! Queen of Mardi Gras 2010 Aisha Ormega took to the runway to wave a loving goodbye to the audience before she handed over the crown to the next lucky lady. Who will it be...?

Congratulations to Ms. PinkTikiCat Luv! This was her second consecutive win, and it was well deserved as she stunned the audience with her elegant beauty and creative poses and outfits.

Ms. PinkTikiCat Luv
Well done to all the fabulous contestants! It will be one long year before the next winner is announced...so who knows...it could be YOU! :)


Classic with Style presents the stunning styles of House of Europe!

It takes keen attention to detail to craft such remarkable outfits, and Didier Rascon, the creative force behind House of Europe, showed the audience and models that he is definitely one of Second Life's hottest designers. His haute couture and avant garde collection kept heads turning as the Simply D' Best models strode down the runway. His menswear and female collection were not the only things that kept heads turning! The handsome Mr. Rascon was in his element with dozens of admirers, as he was invited onto the runway to say thank you to the generous crowd. He’s quite the man and designer, so it is always a delight to slip into one of his amazing creations.

Classic with Style presents Anibus Fashion Show at the Beach!

The weather was perfect at Classic with Style's Beach where the Simply D'Best models walked the runway wearing the beautiful design of Anibus Style. Her daring collection included costumes, gowns, and casual wear...my favorite was Night Fever, and luckily this time I was actually assigned my fav! Lag was there as always, but models fought, and won, against the lag to put on a fun and energy filled show. Thanks to Anibus for her beautiful collection!

Classic with Style March Styling Fashion Show!

This March's styling fashion show was a combination of cartoon characters, brides, geisha, and more. Take a look at some of the creative outfits Classic with Style models came up. Second Life has many creative fashion designers, and the models this month took advantage of all the different styles out there to creative unique and fabulous interpretations on themes such as Styling India, Styling Career, Styling Creative Tail, and many more. Too many to mention! Classic with Style offers its pageant contestants the opportunity to hit the runway five times a week to show off their styles. Three winners are chosen each night, and at the start of the next month, they all compete for the trophy of most creative outfit. The competition is fierce because there are so many unique, adorable, sexy, and stunning presentations to choose from.

This month Flora Stipe won the trophy for most creative outfit with her stunning geisha attire. Isn't she breathtaking?

Along with most creative, Classic with Style honors one of Second Life's hottest designers as designer of the month. Congratulations to Ms. Random Sixpence, the force behind TNC designs.

Classic with Style also takes this opportunity to give recognition to one model who has gone above and beyond her or his duties. The Prestigious Model Award is a special award and many of the CWS Simply D' Best and Elite models covet this. The winner this month was Meimei Shiu! Congratulations to you Meimei, you deserved it! Yay!

Hope to see you all next month! Who will win this time? Can't wait to find out! See you soon :D


VelvetRhythms Fashion show!

Lag reared its ugly head, but it didn't defeat the VelvetRhythms fashion show! Velvetori Twine stunned the audience and the models by her stunning collection. It's all about the vivid colors and eclectic design. Gowns, dresses, hot pants, ripped edgy jeans, and hot male outfits turned heads.Classic W/Style was honored to represent VelvetRhythms!
The show must go on, so even though lag hung its heavy hand upon the dome, the VelvetRhythms Fashion show dazzled with Velvetori Twines eclectic and colorful designs. Pieces like a vibrant teal bridemaid’s gown, paisley print bohemian chic dresses, well fit and muscle baring men’s wear, pastel silk evening gowns overlaid with intricate beading and metallic embellishments, and military infused brilliantly colored jackets were head turning. It was a full house which is a testament to the large following of VelvetRhythms admirers and Classic W/Style fans.

Top World Model Pageant!

So many lovely ladies, but only one could take away the 100,000 L prize and title of Top World Model. As with all of the pageants at CWS, Top World Model had various themes in which the models could work with. First was the swimwear component, and each model styled a swimsuit according to the country she represented. It's not that easy to find swimwear AND creatively style it, but all models did a spectacular job!

Next came talent, and this time the theme was World War I. Sounds difficult? I'm sure it was but once again the ladies did a stunning job with her talent. I always love it when dances incorporate more than a couple of animations, and the majority of the stunning ladies did just that and created beautiful dances. Flora Stipe won the award for most creative dance and her combination of samba and old World attire dazzled the judges.

Last but not least was the creative costume portion of the competition and this year's theme was angel. All ladies were breathtaking in their chosen outfits. Nickle Sparrowtree won the award for most creative angel outfit, and it must have been a difficult task because everyone looked amazing. There is nothing like seeing wings gliding down the runway. It was a truly fantastic moment. I tried to capture the beauty of the moment in the slide show above.

And the winner is....PinkTikiCat Luv!

PinkTikiCat says: "What an amazing honor to win Ms. Top World 2011. I am truly humbled, as every model contestant was truly unique and fabulous! My congratulations to each and every one of you for a job well done. My heartiest gratitude goes out to the judges, for seeing something special in my overall presentation and awarding me the crown."

Well done Pinkie! Many  congratulations to you and to first runner up Nickle Sparrowtree and second runner up Helen Zhora!

(Nickle Sparrowtree, Helen Zhora, PinkTikiCat Luv)

Another congratulations to Ms. Nina Brianna for winning Most Photogenic!

I eagerly await the next pageant and as always expect to be dazzled by the model's ingenuity and grace! Until then...peace ;)


VoguE Fashion at Classic W/Style!

Classic W/Style hosted another fabulous runway show featuring the striking designs of VoguE. Zalyn Bailey, force behind VoguE's eclectic and fashion forward design, is one of second life's hottest designers. Her collection ranges from high fashion haute couture to fun and flirty casual, so there are a plethora of choices for all fashion hungry trend setters. The Simply D' Best models brought fierce to the runway with their signature style. It was a show to die for!


Moving on to the Future: UCWS February Graduation

Graduations are always a special event, and our February UCWS graduation was no different. As a trainer, it is especially special because I get to witness the growth of each model student. Congratulations to Ania, Nicki, Gabriella, Nickle, Sakira, and Lopez! February's class valedictorian was the lovely and good natured Gabriella.

In addition to our school schedule, UCWS teaches all students how to create their own blog and it is part of the grading. One student walks away with a 1000 linden award for his or her ability to follow all instructions, yet go above and beyond the requirements. This month Ania designed the best blog and walked away 1000 lindens richer. Congrats to both!

Classic W/Style also gives one group member a scholarship to attend its university. If a model shows an interest in modeling and participates in styling events and attends our free basic trainings, she or he will be recognized and given the opportunity to study at UCWS. This month's scholar award went to Icatoots!

Last but not least, and this is always the most touching of each graduation, is the giving away of the Celina Langer award. Celina was a model, and a poet, within CWS, and from what I have heard a genuine and beautiful soul. I never had the opportunity to meet her. She lost her life before her time, yet she continues to be a presence within CWS. Her spirit remains and touches those who never had the chance to know her. Janda was honored with the award this month.

It was a special evening for all involved! See you next month future students. Get your game on! ;)


Calling all Cover Models: The Search for March's Cover Model!

Wow! Time flies. It was already time to select a new cover model for Classic Glamour W/Style Magz. This time all finalists pulled out all stops to win the coveted cover girl spot. They were not messing around this month, and it was difficult as usual to pick the best model to represent the month of March. This month the selected outfit was from Anrol Anthony's Centerfold collection. The design can be worn two ways,as a gorgeous gown or spicy lingerie, and each contestant had to style each element. First up was lingerie style, and the lovely ladies each put their own unique taste into their interpretation of the design. Some went traditional, and some went sexy, and one went...unique! Either way it was awesome to see the individual creativity that went into their styling of sexy lingerie.

That was the naughty, but nice, portion of tonight's event, but the models were challenged once again to make the gown option equally intriguing and creative. The lovely models glided down the runway in their vision of Anrol's creation. Each lovely lady was the epitome of elegance, and it was difficult to choose one standout. However...one lucky model was a step ahead of her peers and won the the title of March cover girl. Congratulations to SD Damiano! Her superb styling and immaculate runway walk clinched the title and she walked away with her own cover to a well read publication. Congrats to all the top ten finalists as well! It's difficult to stand out amongst a sea of beauty, but they all did! Congrats again SD!  


Simply Enchanting: Bliss Couture!

Bliss Couture is a brand that brings elegance, style, and grace, and Amutey Decuir, the force behind the name, is one of Second Life’s most talented and celebrated designers. She takes elements from real life fashion and gives them life in a virtual world. Her luxurious and elegant collections offer a wide range of gorgeous and unique gowns in a luscious array of rich colors and textures and flow with a smooth and natural flexi flowing like only a real couture gown can do. Classic W/Style models were visions of perfection as they walked the runway showcasing the alluring range of eye catching collections that captures the look of the season with splendid styling and design. They also rocked with Bliss Couture’s signature hairstyles. It was a fun show, as always! Don’t miss our next fashion show coming to you next Saturday! If you feel like shopping, Bliss Couture has a shop located in the Classic W/Style Fashion District sim, so come and find your next fantasy gown. You will be amazed by her gowns with unexpected details abound.

Special Styling as UCWS Students Take the Runway!

Classic W/Style's styling events are one of the foundations of CWS. It's where models can unleash their creativity, perfect their poses and walks, and gain confidence in front of an audience. I loved this part of CWS, and I miss not taking part in them anymore. Tonight was a special styling because the class of Feburary participated as part of their midterm grades. The theme was Victorian, not always the easiest theme to pull off, but the students did with poise. While all the ladies looked lovely, my favorite of the night was Ania. She did a tribute to author Lewis Carroll's white rabbit from his beloved Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland. Truth be told though, all the students looked their best as they rocked the runway. Each brought her own unique personality to the styling and their hard work paid off! It was hard to pick a favorite, and I usually don't...but I LOVE Alice in Wonderland ;)

It's almost graduation day for these stunning ladies! Yippee! :D


Danielle's Designs Demand Attention.

Dani Plassitz is a new designer in SL, but she is also quickly becoming one of the hottest designers for her diverse outft collection. She always makes sure to add a unique twist to all the classic modern designs and Classic W/Style's models entranced the audience with her brightly colored and alluring designs during her fashion show this past Saturday.  Dani is a perfectionist and her stunning collection shows her aim to please. She also strives to give her outfits balance and offers the perfect shoes to enhance her gorgeous outfits. Check out her new range at the Classic W/Style sims! As always it was a pleasure to show such craftmanship and we can't wait to see where Dani's artistic mind takes us next!