I had the special privilege of getting to know each of these awesome ladies, and I’ve watched them transform from scared students to confident models. Only a select few can say they survived the intensive training and graduated from UCWS in one piece. I do tend to joke, but it truly takes a lot of perseverance to graduate UCWS. I congratulate this graduating class for making it...and making it so stylishly too!

Aislin, I just love to call her first ;), Bella, Chelsee, icatoots, clysa, Uneeque, Nikkie, S3xyt3mptation,Anjali, and Vicky all have worked so hard the past few weeks, and I’m so proud of them all! It is wonderful women like such as these that make my job truly worth it!

A special congratulations to Vicky for her winning Class Valedictorian...not an easy feat with so many worthy candidates, but she was, from what I heard, the mama bear of the group. I want her to be my mama too!

Aislin Jinx took the 1000 L prize for best blog. Take a look at her hard work and dedication to the fine art of blogging at Congratulations Jinx!

I look forward to meeting the next group of students this upcoming month! To UCWS recent graduates congratulations again...and cherish it, love it, and never forget this feeling! :)

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