KDee's Designs Fashion Show Rocks the Dome!

Today CWS was proud to showcase the fun and flirty designs by Ms. KatDeetrud Destiny! Once again the Simply D'Best Models rocked the runway in the fabulous dome! KDee's Designs is one of the many talented designers with a shop in the Classic W/Style Fashion District. She never disappoints with her curve hugging and saucy designs! Thank you to Kat for letting us show off her stunning creativity!

Presenting Mr and Ms Calender 2010!

Photo by Didier Rascon

Mr Calender 2010 Didier Rascon says:
What an exciting pageant it was ... I was so happy to compete with all my dear friends of CWS. This will be in my heart forever :)
The most stressfull moment for me was the talent show loll ... But my dear team (Ms Helen Zhora and Ms Nickle Sparrowtree) was very good and i really have to thank them to trust in me for that special moment. Thank you so much ladies :)
Now i feel so happy, more than ever, because i will be on the winner picture with my dear friend and we will be in the CWS history forever together :))
I love you dearly Laylah, and i love you too my CWS family, Aisha, Lisana, Debbie, Maleha, Helen .... and of course Taby, Veronica, Steve and Anrol. You are in my heart forever :))
Thank you so much ... Merci

Ms. Calender 2010 Laylah Lecker says:
What can I say? To share this win with Didier is any girl’s dream come true. He’s the epitome of charm, elegance, extreme hotness, and a generous and kind soul. Thank you Didier for this honor! You are too good for words. This was my last pageant, and my ending as sharing the title of Mr. and Ms. Calendar 2010 with Mr. Didier Rascon was a happy ending, as it is in any fairy tale.

OMG that is me with my dear friend and sweetheart Didier! It's always been me and him at the end and as your nominated and voted 2010 Best female and male model it seems natural for us to stand together as always. It was a tough competition, and a bit controversial lol, but all pageants are in a way! What's important is friends, and thanks to one of the most amazing people I have met here, I get to live on in CWS's hall of fame with my sweetie Didier! Yay!

The 2010 Calender pageant also included amazing talent, and I was ecstatic that my group won best talent! Three cheers for the Chinese Sisters of Wu-Shi: Aisha Ormega, Laylah Lecker, Lisana Rossen, and Maleha Inglewood!

Another winner of the evening was Ms. Debbiedoo Tigerfish! She wowed the judges with her beautiful photos by Zachary Zufreur and walked away with the trophy for Ms. Photogenic!

It will be one long year before the next crowning of Calender 2011 and who knows it could be YOU! :)
See you next year! :D


Award Winners of the Styling Fashion Show!

Each styling fashion show has special awards, and of course I had to give them their own post to recognize their achievements! The first award of the night went to the most creative outfit. I must have a good eye, or perhaps I just love the mythological phoenix! Tiffani won most creative outfit for her take on the theme styling in gold. She looked beautiful and her outfit was definitely my favorite tonight.

The next award was given to the judge. Not because he was a judge, but for his amazing contribution to the SL arts. His photography dazzles, and if you ever want to have amazing photos taken...look up Zachary!

The last award of the evening is always a special award. One model receives CWS Prestigious Model award for being a role model and a mentor. This model always shines. Usually it is only given once a year, but there was only one person that CWS could give this to. Ms. Nina Brianna was the award winner tonight, and it was her second honor this year with this particular award. She is graceful and always stylish and an inspiration for those that know her.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the models for putting on an amazing show. See you next month! :)

Classic W/Style Styling Fashion Show!

Classic W/Style is known for its exciting nightly styling contests. Every night 3 winners are chosen for their creativity and their presence on the runway. All winners are invited to participate in the monthly styling fashion show. It's an awesome event! I bring to you the contestants for this month. What a show! Don't miss the next one ;)


Who doesn't want to be a cover girl!?!

Maybe it's only me, but I always thought that landing the cover on a magazine was a dream come true. Diana Balhaus' SL dream came true tonight!

Every month 10 models are invited to compete for the prestigious role as cover model for Classic Glamour W/Style Magz. The only rules...make the selected outfit stunning and unique. Anrol Anthony, the CEO of CWS, is not only a CEO but a designer as well! The cover model needs to represent the overall image of her creation, yet make it his or her own at the same time. Diana did that with her supreme styling of Anrol's New Year's collection. Stay tuned for the magazine's video featuring lovely Diana. For now take a look at her entry for the finalist spot!


Moxie Polano's Fashion Show!

Classic W/Style was honored and delighted to showcase the stunning designs by Moxie Polano Saturday, January 29 2011. As always a record amount of avi's come to see Polano's wide range of eclectic range of gowns, cocktail dresses, swim suits, and casual wear. We crashed the sim, but that didn't stop the show! If you are ever in the need of something unique be sure to consider Polano's gorgeous designs! Stop by Classic W/Style to visit one of her stores for the latest fashions!