Class of October 2012 ends with a bang!

Congratulations to the University of Classic with Style's October 2012 graduates! This month's graduation started off with a bang as Tiffani Celestalis led the lovely ladies in a surprise dance. Wearing the daring Gaga ensemble from Anrol Anthony's Collection, they put on quite the show!

Next came their walk down the runway. These girls are good! They barely broke a sweat during their dance and walked the runway with poise and confidence.
This year's valedictorian demonstrated that this award truly is an academic achievement. Caralyne had stellar grades, a killer blog, and she participated in many of Classic With Style's nightly styling events. Congratulations to you Caralyne! Keep rocking that runway!   
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CWS welcomes the newest ladies into their virtual family! Each of them deserves to feel proud. It's not easy to graduate because it is an intensive 3 weeks, but they all met the challenge!



SF Design's Super Model Finale

Content creators are a big reason why Second Life continues to roll. Wouldn't you agree? They allow Second Life residents to dress up, dress down, dress however they want! It's always a privilege to represent them, and tonight Swaffette Firefly chose the model who would represent SF Designs' Super Model. It wasn't easy though! Her scores were very close! The finalists Thrishia, MsChevia, and Phil were all in the running this evening due to their gorgeous styling throughout the elimination period.

Classic with Style hosted the evening's events, and it was not only fashion, it was also a creative take on how we use that fashion, so they incorporated talent in the finale. We don't always stand in one spot while wearing designs. Much like real life, we dance, we sing, or we are, at the very least, active in the clothes we wear. After the talent and swimwear, Thrishia, MsChevia, and Phil put on their finest SF Design formal wear.

Pictures are a bit blurry due to personal lag, but hopefully you get the gist. If you ever want to see SF Designs check out their blog or go to the inworld store. 


Aren't they all stunning? Well, Phil definitely registers more on the so hot radar ;) Regardless all looked wonderful tonight. After Swaffette tallied her overall scores, one was named SF Design's Super Model!

Congratulations to MsChevia for her win! She is the winner of 35,000L and Swaffette will create a beautiful gown named after her. Also, congratulations to first runner up Thrishia and second runner up Phil!