Styling Master 2012 Challenge!

Classic with Style presents Styling Master 2012! Only 9 stylists remain, so come on down to Classic with Style on March 18 at 10am slt and root for your favorite look! 

Each week, on Sunday, will be a new styling challenge and judges will eliminate some finalists until they crown the STYLING MASTER 2012 !


* The title of Styling Master 2012
* 10 000 L$ from sponsor House of Europe by Didier Rascon
* 10 000 L$ from CWS


Classic with Style 2012 Ms. Princess Pageant

Classic with Style hosted Ms. Princess 2012 in their beautiful finale venue. Judges Lillou Merlin, Harleybeth28 Amoufhaz, and October Bettencourt had their hands full because each finalist was truly breathtaking. The contestants based their talents and gowns on princesses. Oh I really want to be a princess now! And the winner is….

Got your attention there! No Debbiedoo did not win this pageant because she is Classic with Style COO, so she is no longer allowed to compete. Pity because she looked magnificent and was one of my favorite looks of the day. On with the show!

First the finalists had to style a bikini any way they saw fit. I was too busy stuffing my face with cookies to plump up my avi’s bottom, so, alas, no pictures; however, I was able to snap a couple during the finalists’ talent portion. Ice skating was popular this pageant and both Sunrae and Janet did beautiful jobs with their sets. 

Janet gave a hauntingly beautiful performance dressed as Swan Lake’s Princess Odette and skated to Tchaikovky. I absolutely love Tchaikovsky!

Sunrae captivated the audience with her Disney Princesses on Ice. Taking us through Walt Disney’s most memorable princesses, she cleverly morphed into different characters and gave brief stories for each. The judges paid off Sunrae’s hard work and awarded her Most Creative Talent! Congratulations Sun!

All finalists performed beautiful talent acts, so I would be hard pressed to name my favorite. It takes a lot of creativity and courage to put together an act, so well done to them all! 

Finally it was the moment we were all waiting for. Well maybe the second moment we were all waiting for. Each finalist took to the runway one last time for the Pageants Q & A portion. As you can see, each finalist looked amazing!

While the judges tallied their scores, the audience danced to DJ Wildrose's tunes. Such a nail-biting moment for the finalists! At last Anrol Anthony announced she had the winners. As mentioned before, Sunrae won for her amazing talent, and Sidney won Ms. Photogenic Princess. She is always so stunning! Congratulations to Sunrae and Sidney! 
Sidney also placed second runner up and won 30,000 Lindens! Second runner Sunrae! She took home 55,000 Lindens. Last but not least...

Congratulations to Ms. Janet Brink! She won the 100, 000 Linden Prize, a huge trophy, and a gorgeous crown by Alyssa Bijoux.

Congratulations to all the finalists! Each one of you took my breath away! Now I really want to be a princess :D Peace!