Simply Enchanting: Bliss Couture!

Bliss Couture is a brand that brings elegance, style, and grace, and Amutey Decuir, the force behind the name, is one of Second Life’s most talented and celebrated designers. She takes elements from real life fashion and gives them life in a virtual world. Her luxurious and elegant collections offer a wide range of gorgeous and unique gowns in a luscious array of rich colors and textures and flow with a smooth and natural flexi flowing like only a real couture gown can do. Classic W/Style models were visions of perfection as they walked the runway showcasing the alluring range of eye catching collections that captures the look of the season with splendid styling and design. They also rocked with Bliss Couture’s signature hairstyles. It was a fun show, as always! Don’t miss our next fashion show coming to you next Saturday! If you feel like shopping, Bliss Couture has a shop located in the Classic W/Style Fashion District sim, so come and find your next fantasy gown. You will be amazed by her gowns with unexpected details abound.

Special Styling as UCWS Students Take the Runway!

Classic W/Style's styling events are one of the foundations of CWS. It's where models can unleash their creativity, perfect their poses and walks, and gain confidence in front of an audience. I loved this part of CWS, and I miss not taking part in them anymore. Tonight was a special styling because the class of Feburary participated as part of their midterm grades. The theme was Victorian, not always the easiest theme to pull off, but the students did with poise. While all the ladies looked lovely, my favorite of the night was Ania. She did a tribute to author Lewis Carroll's white rabbit from his beloved Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland. Truth be told though, all the students looked their best as they rocked the runway. Each brought her own unique personality to the styling and their hard work paid off! It was hard to pick a favorite, and I usually don't...but I LOVE Alice in Wonderland ;)

It's almost graduation day for these stunning ladies! Yippee! :D


Danielle's Designs Demand Attention.

Dani Plassitz is a new designer in SL, but she is also quickly becoming one of the hottest designers for her diverse outft collection. She always makes sure to add a unique twist to all the classic modern designs and Classic W/Style's models entranced the audience with her brightly colored and alluring designs during her fashion show this past Saturday.  Dani is a perfectionist and her stunning collection shows her aim to please. She also strives to give her outfits balance and offers the perfect shoes to enhance her gorgeous outfits. Check out her new range at the Classic W/Style sims! As always it was a pleasure to show such craftmanship and we can't wait to see where Dani's artistic mind takes us next!