Special Styling as UCWS Students Take the Runway!

Classic W/Style's styling events are one of the foundations of CWS. It's where models can unleash their creativity, perfect their poses and walks, and gain confidence in front of an audience. I loved this part of CWS, and I miss not taking part in them anymore. Tonight was a special styling because the class of Feburary participated as part of their midterm grades. The theme was Victorian, not always the easiest theme to pull off, but the students did with poise. While all the ladies looked lovely, my favorite of the night was Ania. She did a tribute to author Lewis Carroll's white rabbit from his beloved Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland. Truth be told though, all the students looked their best as they rocked the runway. Each brought her own unique personality to the styling and their hard work paid off! It was hard to pick a favorite, and I usually don't...but I LOVE Alice in Wonderland ;)

It's almost graduation day for these stunning ladies! Yippee! :D

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