Award Winners of the Styling Fashion Show!

Each styling fashion show has special awards, and of course I had to give them their own post to recognize their achievements! The first award of the night went to the most creative outfit. I must have a good eye, or perhaps I just love the mythological phoenix! Tiffani won most creative outfit for her take on the theme styling in gold. She looked beautiful and her outfit was definitely my favorite tonight.

The next award was given to the judge. Not because he was a judge, but for his amazing contribution to the SL arts. His photography dazzles, and if you ever want to have amazing photos taken...look up Zachary!

The last award of the evening is always a special award. One model receives CWS Prestigious Model award for being a role model and a mentor. This model always shines. Usually it is only given once a year, but there was only one person that CWS could give this to. Ms. Nina Brianna was the award winner tonight, and it was her second honor this year with this particular award. She is graceful and always stylish and an inspiration for those that know her.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the models for putting on an amazing show. See you next month! :)

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