Top World Model Pageant!

So many lovely ladies, but only one could take away the 100,000 L prize and title of Top World Model. As with all of the pageants at CWS, Top World Model had various themes in which the models could work with. First was the swimwear component, and each model styled a swimsuit according to the country she represented. It's not that easy to find swimwear AND creatively style it, but all models did a spectacular job!

Next came talent, and this time the theme was World War I. Sounds difficult? I'm sure it was but once again the ladies did a stunning job with her talent. I always love it when dances incorporate more than a couple of animations, and the majority of the stunning ladies did just that and created beautiful dances. Flora Stipe won the award for most creative dance and her combination of samba and old World attire dazzled the judges.

Last but not least was the creative costume portion of the competition and this year's theme was angel. All ladies were breathtaking in their chosen outfits. Nickle Sparrowtree won the award for most creative angel outfit, and it must have been a difficult task because everyone looked amazing. There is nothing like seeing wings gliding down the runway. It was a truly fantastic moment. I tried to capture the beauty of the moment in the slide show above.

And the winner is....PinkTikiCat Luv!

PinkTikiCat says: "What an amazing honor to win Ms. Top World 2011. I am truly humbled, as every model contestant was truly unique and fabulous! My congratulations to each and every one of you for a job well done. My heartiest gratitude goes out to the judges, for seeing something special in my overall presentation and awarding me the crown."

Well done Pinkie! Many  congratulations to you and to first runner up Nickle Sparrowtree and second runner up Helen Zhora!

(Nickle Sparrowtree, Helen Zhora, PinkTikiCat Luv)

Another congratulations to Ms. Nina Brianna for winning Most Photogenic!

I eagerly await the next pageant and as always expect to be dazzled by the model's ingenuity and grace! Until then...peace ;)

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