Moving on to the Future: UCWS February Graduation

Graduations are always a special event, and our February UCWS graduation was no different. As a trainer, it is especially special because I get to witness the growth of each model student. Congratulations to Ania, Nicki, Gabriella, Nickle, Sakira, and Lopez! February's class valedictorian was the lovely and good natured Gabriella.

In addition to our school schedule, UCWS teaches all students how to create their own blog and it is part of the grading. One student walks away with a 1000 linden award for his or her ability to follow all instructions, yet go above and beyond the requirements. This month Ania designed the best blog and walked away 1000 lindens richer. Congrats to both!

Classic W/Style also gives one group member a scholarship to attend its university. If a model shows an interest in modeling and participates in styling events and attends our free basic trainings, she or he will be recognized and given the opportunity to study at UCWS. This month's scholar award went to Icatoots!

Last but not least, and this is always the most touching of each graduation, is the giving away of the Celina Langer award. Celina was a model, and a poet, within CWS, and from what I have heard a genuine and beautiful soul. I never had the opportunity to meet her. She lost her life before her time, yet she continues to be a presence within CWS. Her spirit remains and touches those who never had the chance to know her. Janda was honored with the award this month.

It was a special evening for all involved! See you next month future students. Get your game on! ;)

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