Beauty and Brains Pageant Finale!

Question: How many tons of jelly beans did the White House buy during Ronald Reagan's presidency?

If you can answer this question in 10 seconds or less, you would have fit in perfectly with the 10 ten finalists in Classic with Style's Annual Beauty and Brain Pageant. It was a marathon pageant that left audience members, and contestants, begging for someone to win as the clocked ticked. All jokes and trivia aside, it was a fun day for all participants and audience members. Who was crowned as the one with beauty and brains...?

Congratulations to Mr. Ajay Xigalia, Classic with Style's new Beauty (hmmmm) and Brain (hmmmm)! Ok he may not be a beauty, but he sure is hot! As for brainy, he beat out first runner up Meimei Shiu and second runner up Kinsey Luv with his ability to answer brain teasing and head scratching questions in record time!

Oh yes, the answer to the above question: 12 tons.

Now everyone knows that! See you at next year's Beauty and Brain Finale!

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