Presenting Ms. Elegance 2011 Meimei Shiu!

Ms. Meimei Shiu Elegance 2011 Winner

What does elegance stand for? For this event Meimei Shiu won the hearts of the judges, so in this case elegance stands for Ms. Meimei Shiu! Congratulations to the lovely lady for winning the very first pageant she has ever entered! I had to miss most of it due to real life, but I watched as the winners were announced. Such anticipation fills the room! Even the audience members are nervous, while waiting for the results! The fireworks lit up Meimei's name and the crowd roared with approval!

Meimei says, "I really could not find any word to express my emotions when I saw my name showing on the fireworks that announced the winner. I got my first Crown as Ms Elegance 2011. I am still overwhelmed and cannot believe it."

Congratulation to all Finalist in Ms Elegance Pageant with a special shout out to PinkTikiCAt Luv- Ms Elegance 1st runner up and Nickle Sparrowtree: Ms Elegance 2nd runner up!

Congratulations Meimei! Yay!

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