Special Mother's Day Styling Event!

Tonight Classic with Style had a mother's day celebration! Each year CWS has a special styling event in which contestants walk the runway as normal, but their description must be about either being a mother or what they felt a mother is like. Debbiedoo Tigerfish won the "Best Mother of the Year" with her description of what she felt a mother should be and awesome poses to boot. Here is what Debbie had to say.

Debbie says:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to tonight's event mum of the year.
Now I could tell you about how being a mum is the most lovely job you could ever wish for, and indeed I could also talk about my own mum and the influence she has had on me. However I decided that I would talk about someone who is a mother to us all in CWS :) Anrol is more to me than the owner of CWS and the lady who makes our dreams come true. She is like a mum to all of us. She guides us and has little words when things are maybe not going great. She will say kind things always at the right time, and she knows just how we all feel. She is also always worrying about us and caring for us at all times. For all these reasons and a hundred more besides, I think our mum of the year is Anrol.

So what am I wearing tonight
hair is Aston Onyx by HOB
My gorgeous gown is Bahar Vega Rosemary and is made of the most delicate spring petals and is an absolute delight
Jewlery Coco diamonds by Dani of Danielle
Shoes Henybears classic spike salmon
 Skin LAQ Martina
Shape by yours truly myself
Thank you Laylah and Taby and Anrol for judging tonight and to Steve for announcing and for the lovely audience who are here today
But most of all ty Anrol for everything

Well done to Debbie and other congrats are in order for all the mothers who participated to our event tonight: Debbiedoo Tigerfish, Buterfly Resident, SheliaRose Aiten,  Kaitlyn5221 Resident, and AngleCatCatronis Silvercloud

Happy mother's day!

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