October Styling Fashion Show!

The monthly styling event is always a treat. This month Tiffani, a fellow trainer, and I were asked to judge the most creative styling winner from the past month. It wasn't easy! At all. However one stood out with her daring take on Styling Batwoman. She took pieces from many designers out of her inventory to make a look that truly stood out. Congratulations Zariah! Take a look at all the models in their most creative wear!
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Ms. Lopez Fairlady was handed the Prestigious Model trophy for her continued loyalty and hard work within the CWS corporation. One can always count on Lopez for a smile and friendly word. Congratulations Lopez!

Oh and yours truly was also given an award! I won, and it was a total surprise...Anrol and Steve are sneaky ;)Employee of the Month! I adore working at CWS, one really doesn't know the comarderie that exists within its plush prim walls until he or she takes the plunge to get to know everyone. I'm so glad I did. It was the first place I came to and the place I consider home thanks to the many great people that are part of the group.

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