Ms. International 2011 Pageant Finale

Tonight marked the culmination of five hard working finalists as they battled for the crown Ms. International 2011. I'm glad I didn't judge this one! I wouldn't want to be held responsible for giving away Ms. International 2010 Nina Brianna's crown. Elegant as always and a true token of fabulous style and grace, Nina walked the runway one last time as the former Ms. International.

Her stilettos will be hard shoes to fill most definitely. Hopefully this year's winner will be up to the task, or at the very least fake it until she makes it. Who is the winner? I"m not telling you yet! Take a look at shots of Classic With Style's Ms. International 2011 and you be the judge!

Who represented who?
In order of placement...
5th place finalist Sidney Abbot Ms. France 2011
4th place finalist Diana Balhous Ms. Spain 2011
3rd place finalist Kiralyn Destiny Ms. Peru 2011
2nd place finalist Sunrae Suntzu Ms. Mexico
1st place finalist Nickle Sparrowtree Ms. USA

The first portion of the pageant included swimwear that depicted each of the finalist's chosen country. The lovely finalists must have done some serious working out in their appearance because beautiful bodies were out in full force tonight.

After the ladies dazzled the judges with their sultry curves and sassy poses, the CWS Executive Trainers hit the runway as the intermission act. No they aren't white from nerves backstage! In honor of the international theme, the trainers performed a tribute to the Day of the Dead or All Soul's Day in remembrance of all those we have loved and lost in the world.

Now on to the next portion of the pageant! The finalists had to show their own talent. The theme was war it seems so the talents were definitely unique. However, unique in Second Life means awesome! 

In order to give the judges time to tally their scores, the CWS Executive Trainers took to the runway for intermission. It's almost Halloween...yipppeeee! crawling, drooling,, stumbling, and er...bleeding(?) down the runway as zombies, they danced to Micheal Jackson's Thriller! 

At last the time came for the final nail biting answer and question portion. This part has always been the most nerve wracking to me. As per the rules, the top three finalists get their questions in advance, so they do sometimes have an advantage over the poor souls who are forced to think quick and try and answer somewhat coherently. On the other hand, how does one judge whether an answer should or should not receive top scores? Yes judging ain't easy!

Songbird Essence took to the runway with her beautiful voice and sang to the delight of the audience while the judges sweated over calculating their final scores. Once the judges handed over their scores, Classic with Style crowned their new Ms. International 2011....

Congrats to Nickle Sparrowtree 2011 Ms. International. Also congratulations to first runner up Sunrae and second runner up Kiralyn Destiny. Wait there's more....Diana took home the prize for Ms. Photogenic and Sidney won best talent! What a night! To see picks of the winners make sure to visit Classic with Style's blog! Click the title above for a direct link!

See you for the next one. Until then peace :)

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