Classic with Style's Monthly Styling Show: Where all the Winners Compete! it only me, or is did the past month fly by for you as well? That old saying must be true and time flies when Classic with Style honors the past month's styling winners. Maybe the old saying doesn't actually go that way, but you all know what I mean ;)

The lovely Anne Maertens owner of Dulce Secrets was on hand to judge the models and decide who would win most creative outfit. She had a hard task at hand because everyone was the best of the best...but she had to choose one. Nickle Sparrowtree was the winner of most creative outfit. However, I don't know which outfit because Nickle, and quite a few others, had almost back to back wardrobe changes at times! Those quick change folders certainly came in handy tonight!

After a hearty applause, Anrol Anthony, CEO of Classic with Style, handed out the Prestigious Model and designer award. Sweet, and always sexy, Ladysunfire Erin won the Prestigious Model award. She is the epitome of what the award suggests. She is a role model and a positive spirit within CWS, and she accepted the award with a crowd deafening applause and overwhelming congratulations ringing in the background! Last but not least, Anrol gave Anne the well deserved Prestigious Designer trophy. Anne creates stunning skins and makeups, and much much more! Awesome show once again, so see you next month! Peace :)

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