Ms. Sophisticated 2011!

Tonight marked the culmination of many weeks of practice and lack of sleep as the top finalists took the runway to vie for Classic Ms. Sophisticate 2011. The lovely contestants had three themes to come up with in order to dazzle the judges. First they showed off their interpretation of 60's swimwear. Next came talent...a futuristic talent! This was the best talent I have seen so far because each finalist went all out. Space ships, cyborgs, hover boards, and laser guns were only part of the attraction. It was hard to pick the most creative because each was worthy of that prize, but in the end Meimei Shiu won the trophy for most creative for her fantastic futuristic theme!

Last but not least the nail biting Q&A portion came up in which each finalist had to show off her creative gown with hat and answer an emotional charged, and sometimes controversial, question. Who was the lovely lady who outperformed the rest? Congratulations to the stunning Vicky Yongbo Classic with Style's brand new Ms. Sophisticated 2011!!

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