Wanted: SL's Sexiest Model!

(Aisha 2nd place winner, Pirkka, PinkTikiCat 3rd place winner)

What does it mean to be sexy? For Classic W/Style it's a combination of beauty, poise, and intelligence. The finalists of CWS's SL Sexiest Model were all of the above. They all rocked the runway in cute and sassy Playboy bunny outfits, with the exception of the dashing Kenshin who rocked his own sexy Playgirl style outfit that would leave and woman breathless. Each of the finalists brought their own unique style to the next category sexy formal wear, and again no one disappointed as the glided down the runway in various forms of lace, sheer chiffon, rich fabrics, or avant garde. While every contestant was sexy and visually stunning, Pirkka Emerald was the one to walk away with the title and the beautiful crown.
She did a stunning job, and her BDSM interpretation of a Playboy bunny was creative and her sexy formal wear was both sexy and classic at the same time. Congratulations to Pirkka!! You rocked it out!

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