2011 Calender Finale in 2012!

Even though we have rung in 2012, Classic with Style had some unfinished business to take care of. Tonight celebrated the calender models of 2011! The calender finale went as planned in spite of some last minute difficulties, such as a new judge (me yikes!), a new DJ (who was awesome with only a couple hours notice), and a sim crash (oh Second Life!).

However, as we say at CWS, the show must go on, and indeed it did! I was able to catch some pictures after I calculated my votes, and I hope I was able to capture some of the beauty that transpired throughout the night.

Calender Covers

Calender Covers Part II








For their last walk down the runway, each finalist was to prepare a formal gown styling depending on their month. Each of the ladies looked lovely! 

After their gown walk and Q&A, the part I always used to dread, each finalist took their spots on the side of the stages to await the results. Lillou, Second Life Designer, and I counted up our scores. Which by the way are a mystery to both of us, so the end result is just as much of a surprise as it is for the audience and the finalists. While we waited for powerhouses Anrol and Steve, CEOs of CWS, to combine the scores, Essence, Second Life songstress, took to the stage and performed. 

Time for the winners! 

Best dance was the Dragon Sisters, otherwise known as Kiralyn, Sunrae, and Suzie. They truly dazzled me with their performance! 

Kiralyn, Suzie, and Sunrae

Next Nickle was awarded most photogenic and Victoria was awarded most creative gown. 
Most Creative Gown Winner Victoria 

Finally the winners were announced! Third place...Sidney Abbot....Second Place....Janet Brink...and the winner is...Nickle Sparrowtree. Congratulations to all the finalists for all their hard work. 

Janet, Nickle, Sidney

Like last year's pageant, I wasn't expecting this outcome, but that is the beauty of life. It really is full of surprises. Oh no...I am dangerously close to sounding like Forrest Gump! Time to sign off :D Congrats! 

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