Master Styling Finale!

After many weeks of styling challenges, Kiralyn Destiny and Janet Brink took to the dome stage to show off three styles. The first style of the night was burlesque! The judges found out at that moment that props and music would be part of the stylings, and while it was a fun addition, I felt so bad for them because props can be fickle, but they handled it beautifully.

Next Kiralyn and Janet had to style a Lady Gaga themed outfit. I love love love Lady Gaga, and I think she pushes the limits in fashion, but she does so in a good way. Well...maybe the meat thing she did was a bit too much, at least for me. I'm a well done kind of girl, and I know that probably cooks out the flavor, but it also ensures my piece of meat will not bleed when I stick my fork and knife into it. That is a bit too scary for me. However, speaking of scary, Janet wore a stunning outfit made of butterflies, and I say stunning because in SL it really was, but in RL, I would probably run and scream if so many butterflies landed on me. Nevertheless it pushed the limits and that is what I thought a Lady Gaga type outfit would do. Kiralyn went for the uber sexy exhibitionist style that I think Lady Gaga would also go for.

Last but not least, Kiralyn and Janet had to style a red carpet look. Both ladies were so exquisite! It was so hard to chose. The results were exciting as always, and Kiralyn's name popped up in fireworks as the Master Stylist of 2012. Congratulations to the both of them!

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