Classic with Style's Calender Pageant: Another Successful Year

This past Sunday, Classic with Style held another successful pageant. This year's theme...well was the past year. The Calender pageant is one of the most fun because throughout the year, various models represent each month. As a former Ms. November, I chose the month due to my rl birthday. I wonder how everyone else chose their months? Anyway, it was an amazing time for all. How about a quick pic recap?

The finalists took to the runway in barely there bikinis and swimwear. Philippe, the only male contestant, thankfully did NOT wear a bikini ;) Looking good Phil!

The ladies are looking good too! 







 I missed the talent portions, so no pictures there, but I did get a shot of one of the pageant intermission dances. Looks like Trainer Vicky has been super busy! There were masses of bunnies back stage. You know what they say about rabbits? It's no myth. They do multiply! It's too cute in Second Life though.

CWS Dancers
Lastly, the finalists had to wear formal wear, but it was formal wear with a theme in mind. What was the theme? It was the ultra sexy idea of the Bond girl or just James Bond. 

Which finalist do you think captured the Bond essence? 

I was thinking the last picture captured the essence but that's cheating since I already know the results! Congratulations to Sunrae Suntzu! She wowed the judges throughout and perhaps it was her take on Octopussy that made their minds up to hand her the crown and a whopping 100,000L prize! 

Here are the final results!
Sunrae Suntzu - Crown winner of 100,000L
Janet Brink-------1st Runner up, 50,000L
Sidney Abbot---2nd Runner up, 25,000L
Ladysunfire Erin3rd Runner up, 10,000L
and 4th runner up thru 11th runner up won 5,000L each

Ms Photogenic- Liberty Lighthouse - winner of 5,000L

Group Talent winners:

China Dolls winner of 3,000L each
Janet Brink, Ania Lennie,  Adrianna Applewhyte
and Devia Darkbyrder

It's been quite a year and it's only January! Looking forward to seeing what this year will bring! If you want any information regarding Classic With Style, here's a link to their blog. Click here

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