Ms. Sophisticated Pageant 2012!

Classic with Style puts on some amazing pageants and tonight was no different. Sure they get long, but wow they are fun to watch! Tonight CWS awarded one lucky finalist a gorgeous crown, from Alyssa Bijoux and a whopping 100,000 Lindens!

Each finalist had to prepare a swimsuit for her birth year, a fantasy based talent, and a stunning gown with a parasol. It's always fun to guess how old we are in rl, so it was a treat to see how so many different age groups actually log in to SL. Ranging from the 60's to the 80's, each finalist rocked a swimsuit of their choice. Actually there was one that dated even further than that. Sunrae Suntzu went way back in time and used biblical Eve as her inspiration!

The talent portion was fantasy based. I think we all can appreciate a bit of fairy tale especially since most of us have full blown lives in sl ;) The sets for talents have become bigger and better each pageant. It's no longer ok to simply dance on the runway. Now the finalists are expected to design a set to accompany their talent. Well...they probably don't have to build one, but I know I would feel left out if I didn't bring out an amazing set. It definitely gives that special wow factor to the talent.

Last but not least, the finalists took to the runway in their choice of sophisticated gown...but there was a catch...and that catch was they also had to wear a parasol. It was so deliciously feminine. Take a look at the slide show for some of the moments I caught while at the pageant.

A couple of the pictures have our newest models dancing along with Debbiedoo Tigerfish for the intermissions. Kudos to you girls!

The slide show sort of kind of tells you who wins, but I'll tell you anyway!
After a long deliberation, the judges Steve101 and Cristal Triellis, Diamond Avatar designer, decided that Sidney Abbot was to be the new Ms. Sophisticated 2012!

Congratulations to you Sidney! Also congratulations to 1st runner up Sunrae Suntzu and 2nd runner up Janet Brink. Other awards were also given to the most creative talent and outfit of the night Ms. Ladysunfire Erin and to the most photogenic Ms. Janet Brink.
Congratulations to all of you who participated in this event. Each of you was breathtaking!

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