UCWS August 2012 Graduation Event!

Congratulations to the most recent graduates of the University of Classic With Style. The class of August took to the dome stage and celebrated their graduation in front of a packed venue. Well done everyone! 

Selina was a hardworking student and she took her challenges with poise! Congratulations Selina!
Congratulations to Jaden for her graduation AND her vote as best blogger! She won a scholarship to the Advanced courses, so good luck to Jaden in your future studies! Take a look at her blog here!
The lovely Saray was an excellent student and wonderful person to have in classes. Congratulations Saray!
Draven lost his Internet connection towards the end of the show, but the show must go on...and he was announced as this month's valedictorian! He was chosen for his leadership qualities, good nature, and ability to stay focused with a pregnant wife. I made up that last part. He does have a pregnant wife, but he was able to take care of his familial duties AND stay at the top of his coursework. He also won a scholarship to study the post graduate program at UCWS. Well done Draven!
Phil and Ania 

Also graduating on Friday was Phil and Ania. They took part in UCWS Advanced Seminar and passed rigorous training. Since CWS calls it a doctorate program, you may now call them Doctor. Or at any rate they are definitely CWS supermodels! Congratulations to Phil and Ania!

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