Hot and Sexy Beach Pageant 2012!

It was another fabulous event at Classic With Style. Today we had the pageant finale for the Hot and Sexy Beach Pageant. Sometimes SL is cranky for me, but today was a good day...well for the most part. I only had one finalist not rezz completely for me, but she only looked short so it was kind of like normal real life!

This pageant marks the summer time and the themes were perfect for the hot summer season. The lovely ladies rocked their thong bikinis! Good thing the air conditioner wasn't on full blast because a lot of skin was bared.

My favorite portion of any pageant is usually the talent. This time the theme was Exotic Dancers, so we had poles, chair dances, and a bit of fire! It is normal to award the most creative talent at the end of the pageant with a trophy and this year's winner totally rocked it with her set and her props. She set the room on fire....quite literally...with her flames as she changed from her delicate angel costume to a naughty devil costume. Sunrae always raises the bar when it comes to talent. She is truly innovative. Congrats to you Sunrae!

Check out some of the pictures from tonight's event. 

Congratulations 2nd runner up Paris

Congratulations 1st runner up Liberty
Congratulations runner up Janet

Hot Beach Crown Winner Sunrae

Congratulations to all the ladies. Speaking from experience, pageants are really hard to do. They take lots of time and sometimes it hurts when we don't come in first, but each of you looked gorgeous and I was proud of you for doing such an amazing job! Congratulations to you Sunrae! It's your second crown! Oooh you go girl! Keep your sense of humor and don't forget us little people ;)


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