Styling All Kinds of Fashion: CWS Styling Fashion Show

Classic with Style was an array of showgirls, witches, Mexicans, Dancing Queens, and more this Friday night as they held their monthly styling fashion show. Sounds like quite the collection of people yes? That's the fun of the styling events! Each weeknight CWS holds a styling event for all of their active contestants. Each night holds a different theme and the three contestants who best represent that particular theme are awarded a cash prize. Now...the styling fashion show features the best of the best of that previous month, so the selection of outfits are quite eclectic. What's more, out of the contestants one lucky lady or gent gets the coveted Most Creative Model of the Month. View the slideshow below to see who made it this month!

Anrol Anthony, CWS CEO, says: "Awards Night is a chance for us to honor those in the community who represent the best we have to offer. We couldn't do what we do without all the models, designers, our awesome entertainers in sl such as our singers and DJ's business Owner and photographers and tonight we'll acknowledge those individuals and institutions."

Well said Anrol! Speaking of awesome designers, Didier Rascon was on hand to pick this month's most creative model. This is her third time if I am keeping the right number in mind, so she is a styling force to be reckoned with!

Sidney Abbot accepts her trophy and new title and says: " I am so honored to be up here with these women!"

Sexy judge and designer extraordinaire Didier Rascon received a trophy for his outstanding design work and he says: " thank you so so much Anrol and Steve for the award and the kind words ! i so so enjoy to be menber of CWS since 2010 now and i really feel proud now to be member of the staff :) thank you for being such wonderful people in my life :)  I love [Laylah] to bits :) muahhhhhs."

Ok, I took some creative licence there...he actually said  "I love you to bits :) muahhhhhs." ;)

We love you too Didier!

Anrol wasn't done handing out the awards! One model in particular has show grace under pressure, sensational styling, and kindness and was awarded Most Prestigious Model!

The lovely Janet Brink accepts the Most Prestigious Model trophy and she says: " Thank you so much for this honor. It means so much to me."

That was it for tonight's festivities, but every month CWS holds this event, so check out their blog and join the next styling event! SL is the place to dress up how ever you like, and at CWS, you are awarded for that creativity!

Until next time!

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