May Graduation 2012!

It was another lovely graduation show this past Friday! Nine awesome students graduated and walked away with their new tags CWS New Models 2012! This class was one of the largest classes in some time! It's a tough three weeks to take and one must have plenty of time to attend classes each day and complete the homework assignments. So congratulations to Ania, Aqua, Ariella, Eva, Sothis, Serenity, Silky, Babette, and Wulla! You made it!

This year the May Valedictorian and Best Blogger won a full scholarship to attend the advanced UCWS classes! Yay to Ania our May 2012 Valedictorian! Her frequent stying participation and attention to her homework assignments earned her that trophy. Last but not least, and my favorite part of the ceremony, Eva won the award for Best Blogger. She went above and beyond her assignments and nabbed that prize! Check out her awesome blog!

Welcome to the CWS family!

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